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Proma Ray

Proma was born and raised in India.  A trained musician, she began formal training in Hindustani Classical Music under the guidance of Smt. Snigdha Biswas of the Gwalior Gharana. The greatest lesson learnt through her classical training was the importance of discipline and daily riyaaz - a practice she has continued in her dance career as well.

As she continued her musical training, she was drawn to Indian Classical dances and Rajasthani folk. An Electrical Engineer by trade, Proma seriously pursued her passion for dance after graduating and moving to the United States. 

Inspired by her experiences with other immigrant communities living in Atlanta, and urged by the need to build strong inter-cultural understanding, Proma created MOKSHA. As the name indicates, the core philosophy of this group is liberation, specifically, liberation of the soul achieved through the continuous and dedicated practice of dance. 

Proma has dedicated herself to growing as a dancer and choreographer. Her greatest passion remains Indian contemporary fusion, and Kalbelia, a UNESCO protected Gypsy dance tradition from Rajasthan, India.

Rina Bala Guebert

Rina Bala Guebert has been studying and performing the ancient art of Bharata Natyam, a Classical South Indian dance, since the tender age of 5.

The love and the passion for this dance has been passed down in her family through multiple generations and inspired her to study additional dance styles throughout the world including Latin Salsa, Bollywood, Belly dance, Kathak, and even Breakdance.

Rina joined Moksha in 2014 and has choreographed for both small and large audiences such as the Atlanta Dogwood Festival and Moksha production Goddess - A Dance Story.  One of her memorable pieces is KALI for Goddess. In her own words - "As a new mother myself, I understand that juxtaposition of tender love with the fierce protectiveness I feel for my little cub. It feels like the Mother Goddess herself flows through me as I represent her many forms in my dance, and I cannot wait to share that with the world.”

Rina is also a talented costume designer and the resident costume consultant for Moksha.